Why were Arcades from the 1980s and 90s better?

Coins Not Required: Recapture The Nostalgia of the 80s and 90s Arcade era Into Your Living Room

If you were born in the 1970s or 80s, you likely remember the noisy, hot, and insanely fun experience that was the local arcade. With a couple of bucks in hands and some time to kill, you could magically transform your green paper into gold or silver treasure that powered the electric glow of mammoth video game machines. With popular names such as Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, and the ever-faithful Pacman, you knew exactly what awaited you when you arrived at the arcade.

With your favorite gang of gamers at the arcade, you could take on the neighborhood masters in a match of classic joystick fighters or coin-operated racing games. As the competition heated up, the crowds would gather, until you finally defeated your coin-op opponent.

The lights would flash, the celebratory fanfare would ring out, and your initials would appear in glory at the top of the leaderboard. Your crush would finally understand your true digital prowess and fall captivated into your arms, finally in love with you.

Don’t tell Mom!

Ok, maybe not all of those things would happen. But the arcade really was awesome, wasn’t it?

Today, the video game industries have seized on the joy of gaming and grown into a trillion-dollar business. With mind-blowing graphics and portable systems, you don’t even have to leave your bathroom to play the latest hit game.

Everyone agrees that we were living in a Golden Age for Arcades in the 1980s and 90s While you can still play and master popular games with a global community, there is still something about the arcade – and arcade machines in particular – that has never been truly replicated. If it isn’t broken, why fix it? What if we could recapture that excitement that once ruled the local arcade?

Here are a few reasons why we think arcade machines still rule the world of gaming:

Three Reasons Why Arcade Machines Rule:

1: You’re A Pinball Hero: Seeing Your Name On The High Score Screen

Whether it was Star Wars Pinball or Pacman, there was nothing quite like getting the chance to put your name or initials at the top of the glowing screen that screamed HIGH SCORES. The leaderboard of arcade games became the true social hierarchy – separating the newbies from the masters.

When that high score that had lived at the top of the high score list was finally broken, it was as though the great evil had finally been beaten and a new king had arrived! If you had the opportunity to experience the thrill of being the highest score on a game, you knew what you had to do next – defend it!

2: A Community Of Friends (In Real Life)

One of the reasons arcades became so popular was due to its social nature. Imagine for a moment: there were real people playing real video games with each other! When someone hit a high score, cheers would break out across the room. If you were caught in an intense battle with a final boss, the crowds would get quiet and stand behind you – their valiant knight in shining armor!

Arcade machines had a magical way of bringing people together over a shared experience. With your friends at your back, there was nothing you couldn’t accomplish! Doesn’t the world need a little bit more of that today?

3: Let’s Face It: Nothing Beats Nostalgia

The past decade has seen nothing but nostalgia. From classic movie remakes to the return of your favorite discontinued food and drinks, there is something magical about getting to experience something you haven’t seen in ages.

However, as good as remakes can sometimes be, the original still stands as the standard of greatness. No matter how many new, cutting-edge PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo consoles are produced, nothing will quite capture the attention of the masses like the glow of the arcade machine. The *click* of the coin as it fell in the slot is a sweet sound of a time long-past!

Put the Joy of the Arcade in Your Living Room

Has this blast-from-the-past made you wish you could hit the local arcade today? Luckily, arcade machines and other relics of video-game’s golden age are still around! Many of the machines you grew up playing are available to purchase from retailers who not only share your passion but have the know-how to restore these games to their full and former glory.

Imagine that feeling of being the coolest big kid in the neighborhood when you bring home your very own arcade machine! Invite your buddies back over for a night of retro gaming, and relive the memories of days gone by. The best part? No coins required!

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